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New York Platform Bed


New York upholstered platform beds make a sophisticated statement when added to any room décor. The clean and simple squared-off design lines and tidy vertical topstitched panels allow these beds to blend with any decorating style.



  • Materials: Upholstered in soft and supple knit backed PVC fabric
  • Care: Surfaces clean easily with a soft cloth



  • 93930-TB Twin Bed
    Hdbd: 43”L x 3”W x 39”H
    Ftbd: 43”L x 2”W x 13”H
  • 93940-FB Full Bed
    Hdbd: 58”L x 4”W x 39”H
    Ftbd: 58”L x 2”W x 13”H
  • 93950-QB Queen Bed
    Hdbd: 65”L x 3”W x 39”H
    Ftbd: 65”L x 2”W x 13”H
  • 93950-KB King Bed
    Hdbd: 81”L x 3”W x 39”H
    Ftbd: 81”L x 2”W x 13”H
Option 1
  • Pricing

    Twin Bed

    $12.95/wk for 36 weeks

    $55.95/mo. for 8 months

    3 month option: $239.95


    Full Bed

    $13.95/wk for 36 weeks

    $59.95/mo. for 8 months

    3 month option: $249.95


    Queen Bed

    $14.95/wk for 36 weeks

    $63.95/mo. for 8 months

    3 month option: $259.95


    King Bed

    $17.95/wk for 36 weeks

    $76.95/mo. for 8 months

    3 month option: $319.95

  • Additional Info

    Cart price is a down payment and does not reflect your minimum contract payment.  Minimum contract payments are disclosed on the left in the Pricing section.  If you are renting multiple items we will likely be able to give you a minimum payment that is less than your down payment and up to 6 months for your Early Payout Option!


    All rental agreements come with free same day delivery and setup within our service area.  All agreements subject to approval by Growby's RTO.  Contact your local Growby's for terms and conditions. (exclusions may apply)