Transformer Granite

Transformer Granite



Theater sofa features drop-down table, lights, charging station, dual arm storage cup holders.

  • 70116-L3-CG Dual Reclining Sofa with table and light
    83”L x 39.5”D x 40.5”H
  • 70116-L2-CG Reclining Glider Loveseat Console 74”L x 39.5”D x 40.5”H
  • 70116-L1-CG Glider Recliner 38”L x 39.5”D x 40.5”H



  • Zero Wall hugger
  • 360 LBS mechanism capacity
  • 100% hardwood & HW plywood frames
  • 2.0 High density foam used for seat cushion
  • Pricing

     Dual Reclining Sofa with Table and Light 

    $25.95/wk for 78 weeks

    $111.95/mo. for 18 months

    4 month option: $999.95


    Reclining Glider Loveseat Console with USB

    $25.95/wk for 78 weeks

    $111.95/mo. for 18 months

    4 month option: $999.95


    Glider Recliner

    $26.95/wk for 52 weeks

    $115.95/mo. for 12 months

    4 month option: $689.95


     Reclining Sofa & Loveseat

    $38.95/wk for 104 weeks

    $166.95/mo. for 24 months

    6 month option: $1999.95




  • Additional Info

    Cart price is a down payment and does not reflect your minimum contract payment.  Minimum contract payments are disclosed on the left in the Pricing section.  If you are renting multiple items we will likely be able to give you a minimum payment that is less than your down payment and up to 6 months for your Early Payout Option!


    All rental agreements come with free same day delivery and setup within our service area.  All agreements subject to approval by Growby's RTO.  Contact your local Growby's for terms and conditions. (exclusions may apply)